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These 4 strange ways are healthier than brushing your teeth, doctors pass!

Teeth are part of the chewing apparatus in the digestive system in the human body. Brushing teeth is a routine activity that we do every day. Dental care in general is to brush your teeth using toothpaste, some are using a special way of rinsing your mouth.

But, do you know that some of the methods that we use every day are actually still debating about their safety. Meanwhile, so far there have been many ways to treat teeth that sound horror but are healthier and more economical without the need to see a dentist. Here’s how:

1. Using Toothpaste from Red Bricks

Cleaning teeth in general is using toothpaste or what is commonly called “Odol”. Can you imagine if there is a unique way to treat teeth using red bricks.

It turns out that red bricks are also a traditional way of caring for teeth in ancient times. Not only ancient times, now we can also use it as dental care, you know! In addition to being effective in eradicating “yellow” teeth, the red bricks are also very easy to use. By cleaning it from dirt or moss, then rinsing and crushing. Red brick toothpaste can be applied to our teeth by rubbing them together. Easy and cheap, right?

2. Whiten Teeth Using Wood Charcoal

Do you know that wood charcoal is also effective in dental care, namely to whiten teeth. Believe it or not, this method was applied before we were born into the world, you know! Of course what is in our imagination now is, how come black charcoal can whiten teeth naturally? Right?

Whiten teeth with charcoal does seem dirty compared to using toothpaste that contains mint and gives a fresh effect on the gums. However, the end result will look 180 degrees inversely. How to use it is also very easy, almost the same as the way to use red bricks, that is, just smooth it and then rub it on the “yellow” tooth area. Easy right?

3. Chewing Betel to Strengthen Teeth

Betel leaf is a medicinal plant that is widely found in Southeast Asia. In Indonesia alone, betel leaf is widely used as a natural herbal medicine to treat various kinds of health complaints, one of which is dental care. Commonly known as ‘nyirih’ or nginang (Javanese).

Nginang is the habit of chewing betel leaf concoction consisting of betel lime (enjet), gambier and areca fruit which is then wrapped in betel leaf and chewed. For those who are not ordinary, chewing this betel herb will taste bitter. Behind the bitterness of this betel leaf there is a sweet feature that is very beneficial for the teeth, namely making teeth healthy without holes, fresh breath, not easily brittle and certainly youthful.

Didn’t you think that this kind of cleaning technique is even more powerful and economical than using toothpaste, or even going to the dentist? Moreover, currently several studies show that fluoridated toothpaste is actually harmful instead of treating it.

But all come back to you, you as a user who can judge, which one is more beneficial for the health of your organs. How, choose the traditional way or the modern way? If you want a younger way then use the Steel Bite Pro oral and dental cleaning supplement, many people have tried it and the results are proven, for more info please visit the official website here steel bite pro reviews

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