Internet Strangers

An Internet stranger is no different from the definition of the word stranger and according to the Free Dictionary, this is someone who is not a friend or an acquaintance. The only difference here is that this person is in the World Wide Web.
From the time that we were able to remember the things that our parents said to us, they had told us never to talk with someone we did not know and, we in turn have told this to our own children.
However, in some cases, although our children know this, sometimes, they ignore the instruction, or, they assess the person and conclude that the person is “nice” and therefore, they could talk with, or, help him/her.
Additionally, our children are not the only ones who are guilty of this, we, as adults sometimes ignore our own instructions and fall prey to our own evaluation, of the …

Internet Marketing Is Not Magic

You can’t sit around waiting for something to happen. You need to make your own magic through hard work, innovative thinking and by staying on top of changing technologies.
Never sit around waiting for something to happen. There is so much you can do to market your website. For example, always have a working outline of a web article ready to go on your computer. Continue to read, learn and write about the topics of your choice. Turn out good articles that your readers will find interesting. Your website traffic numbers will show steady improvement.
Keep both feet on the ground running. You should be conducting a weekly check of your website to make sure the keywords and phrases you are using are chosen well. Make changes as needed. Remember new content causes search engines to take a fresh look at your website.
Enthusiasm and excitement will produce innovative thinking. …