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Small Business in 20 Years

The S.M.A.R.T SME of the Future
We have SMART Grids, SMART Phones, SMART why not SMART SME’s? Not that SME owners and their businesses aren’t smart operators now, they have to be to stay alive in this fast-paced, roller-coast of an economic ride. But if I may take a bit of creative license I’ll show you what I mean.
Svelte – Traditional overheads will be a thing of the past. Fewer businesses will have a “shopfront”or a traditional workforce which comes to a common business location. Cloud computing and other inventions will enable businesses to self-service their IT, telecommunications, inventory, book-keeping and other operational needs “virtually”. And these services will be “cheap as chips” & upgraded regularly.
Mobile – and I mean this more as an adjective, not as a phone or a children’s toy. SME’s will be adaptable, flexible, able to utilise multi-channels for your business operations. Whether it’s a text message to buy or sell things and a franchised “pick-up parlour” to take delivery – supply chains will now be “mixed-use”.
Attentive – A few things will probably stay the same – particularly when it comes to human behaviours. For example, customers will continue to seek a better quality of life and SME’s will continue to try to deliver as personalised a service as they can, while still being profitable.
But for SME’s of the future, delivering a personalised service will be a lot easier. The world is already amazingly inter-connected, this connectivity and the resulting flood of data will only get greater.
But just like the “commoditisation” of high-tech support services we are currently seeing, data analysis will become more affordable and become an automatic part of your business – just like a phone number is today.
Responsible – It will be legally, as well as morally, mandated, that all businesses will need to report against a triple-bottom line. Costs and profits will now be directly linked to a businesses’ ability to be socially responsible, including of course environmentally responsible.
Many businesses will take this to the full extent of logic and develop “closed-loop” life-cycles, where the waste or byproducts of one production process is fully-utilised by another process – either their own or someone elses.
Technological – And last but not least, technology will be all pervasive in the SME of the future; 24/7, 365 days a year, in any language, anywhere in the world,. Technology will help reduce costs, manage supply chains, generate sales, manage customer relationships, support new workforce arrangements, facilitate conversations with the SME’s broader community, stimulate new product designs or service innovations, knowledge sharing or problem resolution.
In short, the powerful combination of readily available data and readily available technologies will deliver a SMART SME limited only by their imagination…(and cash of course!)

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