These 4 strange ways are healthier than brushing your teeth, doctors pass!

Teeth are part of the chewing apparatus in the digestive system in the human body. Brushing teeth is a routine activity that we do every day. Dental care in general is to brush your teeth using toothpaste, some are using a special way of rinsing your mouth.

But, do you know that some of the methods that we use every day are actually still debating about their safety. Meanwhile, so far there have been many ways to treat teeth that sound horror but are healthier and more economical without the need to see a dentist. Here’s how:

1. Using Toothpaste from Red Bricks

Cleaning teeth in general is using toothpaste or what is commonly called “Odol”. Can you imagine if there is a unique way to treat teeth using red bricks.

It turns out that red bricks are also a traditional way of caring for teeth in ancient times. Not …

10 Important Steps In Starting a Business

In starting a new business, it takes careful planning and selecting the right team to work together.

When deciding to start a business or become an entrepreneur, one must have a strong foundation and take various steps so that the business being run can survive and grow.

The reason is, not a few business actors stop in the middle of the road for various reasons. For that, here are 10 steps needed to start a business in order to be successful.

1. Do some research.

Most likely someone who is starting a business has already identified what business to run. However, before the idea is applied to a business, do a little research on how much the business will be successful. Some of these things are important to answer when doing research.

Is the product or service that will be offered is needed by the community? Who needs it? What …