These days piracy of online content becoming the most common things whether it is movie, songs or books all things are available for free download. There are many sites those are in top list Like Yts, 123 Movies, Rarbg, Torrentcounter and many more. So there are many Myths about piracy which are not true lets discuss top 5.

1. Old People Don’t Pirate

In piracy line there is no limit anyone can pirate anything they only need to have basics internet knowledge that’s all needed in this field. Even old people do more as they don’t care about law as they think they not have too much life period so earn quickly.

2. Purchasing CD/ DVD Means You Can Pirate.

If you have purchased CD/DVD of any movie or song that doesn’t mean that you can pirate those items or by making copies you can sell that, it is totally illegal and one have no rights to sell or make copy of CD/DVD even if you have purchased them.

3. VPN Can Help You to Hide.

People do torrenting by use of Vpn and thinks they are totally safe but it is one of the biggest lie. VPN only helps you to not be tracked by your ISP but government can track you anytime and you can face a big trouble.

4. Anti-Piracy don’t Have to Much Affect

Many big companies tie up with small private anti piracy team by which they think that all pirated contents should be removed from internet but this is totally wrong. Pirates totally ignore private companies.

5. Piracy Doesn’t Affects Sales

Yes it is right people those who don’t wanna spend money will never spend even if they won’t find in free on internet they can simply borrow CD/DVD or Books from friend who purchased that and then can watch or read for free, so it works as same as piracy.